Feature Highlight: Student Subscriptions

For those who are offering at least a few courses on their Pathwright school, it often makes sense to enable subscriptions for your students. The recurring income is nice for you, and the lower, À la carte access to your entire catalog is nice for your students. Here is the run-down of how subscriptions work:

  • Your students visit your subscription page. Using one of our customers’ schools as an example, here is Ligonier Connect’s subscription page.
  • The student enters their payment info and creates an account if they don’t already have one.
  • Once payment is rendered, they can register to any course in your catalog for free. You are not charged for registrations by subscribers.
  • You will continue to receive monthly payments until the student cancels. We bill you for 18% of this amount, but don’t charge the pay-as-you-go registration fees for your subscribers’ registrations.
  • If a student cancels, his account remains active, but they lose access to any courses they registered to for free with their subscription. If they re-subscribe, they re-gain access and can pick up where they left off.

How to enable subscriptions

If this looks like something that would interest you, get in touch with us via the Help menu in the upper right corner of your school’s nav bar.

There are setup fees for enabling subscriptions.